Facts About Fall Protection Every Employer Should Know

Worker fall protection is a matter of serious concern that every employer should consider and give it the attention it deserves. When it comes to issues that concern workers’ safety, employers should take proper and effective actions to ensure that their personnel is free from any risk. It is essential that workers working in heights be provided with fall protection. This is a statutory requirement by OSHA that every company concerned should adhere to and comply effectively. Having the fall protection equipment on sight installed is not just enough; you need to ensure that the equipment is functioning correctly and are in right conditions. It is also vital to train employees on how to use them correctly in case of an accident concerning a fall and also to avoid misuses and damage. The other reason to provide training to employees is that the equipment could hurt them at the event of the fall if not used well and maybe they could not suffer any injuries.

It is essential to stick to the statutory standards and guidelines provided by the relevant authorities to ensure that workers make good use of the self retracting lifeline to get full protection from fall injuries. There are ways that equipment is being misused that have been identified and solutions provided. For instance, the use of equipment that is worn –out do pose threats and risks. There are minor issues that most employers tend to ignore, and yet that could cause significant damages like rust, corrosion and other signs of wear and tear. The way out of this is to have frequent inspections done to the available equipment and necessary repairs or replacements be done. The equipment usually comes with instructions and guidelines from the manufacturer on how to use and proper storage.

It is important to understand that for any lanyard harnesses to function well, the worker should put on harnesses and other necessary equipment that suits well and fits. Most of the equipment does come with adjustable components for example straps and thus one should adjust them to their size that they are comfortable with. The employer is responsible for providing hooks and anchorage straps to employees accompanied by proper training done by a professional who is certified and accredited. Any instance of injuries that an employee suffers at the course of their duties and those results from the negligence of the employer, the employer will have to compensate them thoroughly and take all the liabilities. It is therefore essential that as an employer you provide the necessary equipment, awareness and training to employees concerning fall protection. Discover more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climbing_harness.


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